How to Learn Java?

Before learnings java, try to make yourself a little comfortable with starting level programming languages like C and C++. C++ will be greatly helpful, as it supports Object-Oriented Programming methodology that will be useful in Java, as its almost similar to it.

OOPS are basic building blocks for creating complex or heavy projects. It reduces the coding of heavy methods and increases code reusability.

Table of Content

About Java

Java was created in 1991 by Sun Microsystem. It was named Oak. Later its name was changed to Java after the name of “Java James Gosling”. Oracle is the current owner of Java. It is the most popular language and designed mainly for electronic products like mobile phones, security systems, and other electronic items. Software made in Java is still running in electronic items that are available in the market.

Basic Concepts

The first thing is to have the command over the basics, read the documentation of Java, many different blogs. Explore the best practices of coding.
For example coding indentation, how to write reusable codes, choosing editor is also important. In the starting phase don’t use editors that provide a suggestion on typing. Writing in basic editors like Notepad or Notepad++ helps you remember the coding syntax and inbuilt functions.
Explore all the platforms of Java, Java supports Web-based applications, mobile applications and also desktop-based applications. Basic Java is the same across all the platforms, libraries are different and way of implementation is different.
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Coding Environment

Setup your desktop or laptop with Java Virtual Machine. Setup the Java properly in Environment Variables properly so that you can easily compile and run java code in Command Prompt Terminal. Check on which version you working and whenever the next version comes, try to find out the difference between both the versions.

It might be possible the methods you are using might get depreciated in the new version. So working with deprecated versions will not impact but it’s not good

practice, and also remember whenever a method gets depreciated they also put is better concept into a newer version.